Performance Tips


When cleaning a Candle-lite glass candle holder, avoid scratching with a metal object, which can weaken the glass and perhaps lead to breakage. A good alternative is to use a plastic knife and then rinsing the container with hot water. Burning up to four hours at each lighting will provide for the most efficient and safe use of your candles. When completely cool, trim wick to a quarter inch and relight. Burn Candle-lite candles away from drafts. Air vents, open windows and doors, ceiling fans and walk-by traffic all will create air currents that can cause the flame to smoke. Over a long period of time, this smoking may affect home décor. Trim, light and quickly extinguish decorative candles before your special event begins. They will light quicker and easier when needed. To clean pillar candles or taper candles, rub them with a soft cloth or an old nylon stocking for a clean and shiny finish. Birds and small animals may be extra-sensitive to scented candles. Use caution when burning them near your valued pets.

Votive holders will clean with ease if a small amount of water is added before inserting the votive candle. Freezing the votive candle cup or rinsing with hot water after use will also make clean up a breeze. When arranging a group of pillar candles, take care to place them at least one and a half inches apart. The heat from one may melt another. Store Candle-lite candles in a cool, dry environment. Keep out of direct sunlight, which may cause them to fade. Candles that have been refrigerated will burn slower and more evenly. Wrap them in plastic wrap or foil to prevent the wick from absorbing moisture. Wax can be removed from linens, upholstery and carpeting by running a warm iron over a paper towel, brown paper bag or terry cloth towel. Allow wax to harden, break away the largest pieces then gently press the waxy area. If the fabric is washable, try rinsing with hot water. There are many commercial cleaners available that also remove wax. As with all products containing fragrance oils, the possibility of an allergic reaction exists. Discontinue use if any symptoms occur.