Find Your Fragrance

Fragrance links to memories, travel, foods, and apparel and décor trends. With so many to choose from, what’s your unique scent personality?


Discover Fragrance

FOOD takes cues from gourmand, sweet vanilla, rich chocolate, and hints of honey, and make your space comfortable and cozy. Inspired by the traditional Oriental fragrance family,

SPICY is often blended with food notes. Spices, incense, and patchouli harmonize to create sensual and sophisticated scents.

FLORAL fragrances, that range from single flower notes such as rose, jasmine, or gardenia, to a variety of mixed bouquets. The sweet aroma of florals is flirty and feminine, while also promoting happiness.

FRESH fragrances capture the scents of fresh-cut grass, lavender, or the aromas of water notes such as the wet air after a thunderstorm or the sea breeze of summer. Fresh notes invoke well-being.

WOODY notes depict scents of cedar and pine, or the earthy tones of tobacco and burnt wood, and can play on their own or ground other fragrances for elevated fragrances.

FRUIT & CITRUS has distinctive, vibrant aromas from the zests of lemons, oranges, and bergamot to name a few, and are energic and uplifting.