Employment Policy

Candle-lite’s AAP and EEO

Candle-lite maintains affirmative action programs to promote the employment opportunities of disabled individuals, disabled veterans and other covered veterans.  Employees and applicants may request a review of appropriate portions of the Company’s Affirmative Action Program through the human resource department or through their supervisor or department head.

If you are a disabled individual, a disabled veteran or other covered veteran and would like to be considered under these programs, please let your immediate supervisor or department head know.  Although giving this information is voluntary, such a disclosure by you will enable the Company to further assist you in an appropriate manner concerning your employment.  Be assured that your willingness to provide such information will in no way result in adverse treatment.  Information obtained concerning employees will be kept confidential, except that (1) supervisors and department managers may be informed regarding restrictions on the work or duties of disabled employees and disabled veterans, and regarding necessary accommodations, and (2) first aid personnel may be informed, what and to the extent appropriate, if a disability might require emergency treatment.